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“Haunting” is a lazy and inaccurate way to describe one’s sound, except when you’re talking about London composer Theo Alexander. Layers of piano echo on top of each other to create an ancient, claustrophobic sound that sounds eerie and beautiful – imagine if My Bloody Valentine tried writing a piano ballad.
Headphone Nation

With his audacity and talent, the young artist renews classical music by pushing the frontiers of the genre with flying colors.

His music is very simple and yet, even with the absence of vocals, entrancing, rhythmic and charging. Even when it is only the piano, he does not allow you to fall asleep, similarly to Nils Frahm and Yann Tiersen, who are nearby.

The piece is an urgent composition for piano that experiments with layering and samples to give a fully textured and rich sound that steps outside of the tropes of the genre.

Fans of John Luther Adams will find the towering clouds of sonics that Theo Alexander has put together incredibly pleasing. Layer upon layer of piano and synths creates the ability for the song to sound like rushing water, as well as like being underwater. It’s a beautiful landscape.

Independent Clauses

That Alexander can balance a percussive instinct with, as the piece proceeds, a penchant for melodic flourishing is very much to his credit.

Alexander's weapon of choice is the piano and much like a Nils Frahm, he finds ways to create a melodic dissonance and percussion that takes you on a emotional magic carpet ride.

A lush atmospheric neo-classical piece, that engulfs with its mesmerizing melody & somehow rivets you so that you might think ‘oh, how did i get in this situation, will someone untie me?’
Solar Mountain Ridge